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Egoscue Method & Posture Therapy

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Egoscue is a postural therapy designed to eliminate chronic pain without drugs or surgery. Founded by Pete Egoscue in 1978, the Egoscue Method focuses on a series of gentle stretches and exercises to correct misalignments in the musculoskeletal system of the body. Posture Therapy gets to the root of your chronic pain by returning your body to proper alignment, function, and balance, helping you restore hope in your body and get you back to the active lifestyle that you once led.

What to expect in your Posture Therapy Session: Discussing your symptoms and goals. Postural photos, to document postural changes. Postural analysis and discussion of compensations and dysfunctions that are causing your pain. Functional testing & Gait analysis. Execution of your "menu" of tailored E-cises, designed to restore function to your body and eliminate pain.

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