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Alphabet Soup – What are all those initials after your names?

If you look at the OrthoSport Hawaii website under About Us/Staff  you will see quite a wide variety of initials after the names of our team members. These initials represent extensive education and training on medical and fitness topics which is why we have some of the most experienced physical therapists and medical fitness trainers in the state. In addition, most of these certifications require yearly continuing education. We are always updating our treatments and protocols to match the current evidence-based science in our fields. 

PT  – Licensed Physical Therapist – all Physical Therapy school graduates must pass a rigorous licensing exam after completing their clinical rotations in various medical settings.

DPT – Doctor of Physical Therapy – All PT graduate programs are now doctorate level and include courses on pharmacology, differential diagnosis, radiography/imaging, psychology, wound care, as well as the expected musculo-skeletal, cardiopulmonary, and nervous systems education.

MPT – Master of Physical Therapy

MPH – Master of Public Health

MEd – Master of Education

OCS – Orthopedic Clinical Specialist – a PT who completed a residency or OCS coursework and passed their exam to become board-certified in Orthopedics.

MTC – Manual Therapy Certified – a PT who completed a post-graduate training program in osteopathic manual therapy.

FAAOMPT – Whoo! This one means a PT is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. A “Fellow” is a physical therapist who has demonstrated advanced clinical, analytical, and hands-on skills in the treatment of musculoskeletal orthopedic disorders and is internationally recognized for their competence and expertise in the practice of manual physical therapy.

LMT – Licensed Massage Therapist – in the state of Hawai’i massage therapy students complete 500 hours of study and hands-on training then sit for their state license exam.

ATRIC – Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute Certification indicates someone has specialized training and has passed an exam to become a certified Aquatic Therapist.

CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – Fitness professionals with at least a Bachelor’s degree must pass a certification exam through the National Conditioning and Strength Association. They apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance. The CSCS is one of the most respected strength coaching certifications.

CPT – Certified Personal Trainer – our staff are certified through a variety of recognized organizations including the American Council on Exercise, the Athletic Certification Training Commission, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

CPT – also stands for Certified Pilates Teacher via the STOTT Pilates method which requires months or years of training and apprenticeship as well as written and practical exams. 

CES – Corrective Exercise Specialist – a designation in the NASM for those who have taken special training to address movement and postural imbalances.

ATC – Certified Athletic Trainer – requires Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited athletic training program and passing a comprehensive licensing exam. 

CWHC – Certified Wellness Health Coach through nutritional supplement and weight loss company, Optavia.

PN – Precision Nutrition Certification.

RD – Registered Dietician –  requires a Bachelor’s degree, internship, and national license exam.


Whether you are looking to decrease pain and stiffness, improve performance, lose weight, or recover from an injury, we have the professionals to get you to your goal. Call 808.373.3555 for more information.


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