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What is BrainFit?

As we age, everyone feels it’s a litter harder to focus or remember information. Like most aspects of the human body…If you don’t use it, you lose it. This is just as true for brain health! In the past it was believed the only way to improve brain health was to perform crosswords or Sudoku puzzles. However, scientific studies have found that to not necessarily be true. Instead, brain health can be improved through aerobic exercise in addition to a variety of brain games which cover ALL necessary regions of cognitive function. This includes attention, speed, processing, interpersonal skills, flexibility, attention, navigation, and memory.

Why Choose BrainFit?

Brain health can be improved at any age! There are many ways to help improve cognitive function, but not all brain training programs are equally effective. Our Brain Fit program chooses the best brain exercise design with a combination of aerobic exercise which will be tailored to your specific skills and level.

It’s important to keep the proper heart rate while performing the brain exercises; working with a trainer will make it easier for you to focus on your brain games, while the trainer monitors your ideal heart rate.


You will go through 10 total sessions (1x or 2x a week). Each session includes education on what affects brain health and how to improve each region/aspect. After the educational section you will then start aerobic activity, modified to your specific needs and target heart rate. During aerobic activity, brain exercises will be administered for optimal effect. Testing will be done via phone or tablet prior to beginning the course and upon completion.

Sign up now for 1 on 1 BrainFit sessions or grab a friend and share the fun with a two on one!

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