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Personal Training

The benefits of regular physical exercise are numerous and working 1:1 with a certified personal trainer can increase these benefits by providing individualized programming, guidance, and motivation. Our trainers work with clients to improve aerobic endurance, increase strength and flexibility, and develop balance skills; all of which increase functional ability and decrease the likelihood of injury. OthoSport Hawaii - Personal Training Those who are new to a fitness center setting will find the instruction and oversight from a trainer beneficial as they learn to use equipment, are instructed on proper body mechanics, and have assistance in developing consistency with exercise. Medical Fitness trainers work closely with the Physical Therapists in our PT clinic for those clients who are recovering from injury or those who need extra care due to orthopedic or neurological conditions. No matter where you find yourself on the exercise spectrum, our personal trainers are there to meet your unique needs and help you achieve your individualized goals.
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