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Quality treatment from experienced professionals who care.

We empower individuals to restore and improve their physical ability through focused, evidence-based exercise and hands-on treatment. The experienced and highly credentialed therapists at OrthoSport provide one-on-one care, with advanced skills in the treatment of orthopedic, sport related, and neurologic issues. Come see how our diverse team of experts can help you achieve outstanding results, overcoming injury and speeding your recovery towards a healthy active lifestyle.


Bridging the gap between medicine and fitness.

OrthoSport Niu Valley contains Hawaii’s only Medically Oriented Fitness & Integrated Wellness Center. We are uniquely positioned to address disease and movement dysfunction. We offer customized programs for all populations: seniors, youth, and athletes alike.

Our Events

We regularly schedule free workshops and talks on a variety of health and fitness related topics.

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What Makes Us Different?

When comparing OrthoSport to any other physical therapy clinic, gym, or fitness facility there are several things that stand out as ‘above and beyond’. Our patients and clients compliment us on this continually, and this high level of satisfaction makes us quite proud.

Physical Therapy

  • One-hour sessions, one on one with every patient. No double booking, overlapping of treatment time, or routinely switching between providers.
  • Hands on care together with thorough individualized exercise instruction each session.
  • Physical Therapy staff with wide variety of expertise enabling the highest quality of care regardless of the diagnoses.
  • Ongoing education of providers in advanced clinical skills and evidence based treatments.
  • Post-doctoral residency and fellowship programs in orthopedics and manual therapy.
  • Aquatic Rehab available in Oahu’s only heated, indoor, salt water pool with a chair lift for easy entry.

Medical Fitness

  • More than a gym, OrthoSport is bridging the gap between medicine and fitness.
  • Large, open concept, ‘functional fitness’ training center that maintains a very personal, fitness studio feel.
  • Affordable alternative to the often-abrupt end of care brought about by insurance limitations.
  • Client specific programming (exercise, diet, massage, etc..) that considers each client’s medical or sports performance challenges.
  • Trainers with advanced degrees in exercise science or medical fitness fields of study.
  • Trainers available on the floor to assist in correcting and progressing exercises as needed.
  • Varying degrees of supervision and support are available based upon each client’s goals and needs.
  • Diagnosis-specific, virtual small group exercise classes of unparalleled quality.
  • Strong communication between Physical Therapy and Medical Fitness staff regarding client needs.
  • Physical Therapists onsite and available for free screening of fitness clients for any issues that arise.

Hawaii’s Premier Physical Therapy
Medical Fitness & Wellness Center

Mike Turner

OrthoSport is the natural outgrowth of its founder’s passion for an active healthy lifestyle and the benefits that such a lifestyle entails. We have a strong desire to share our knowledge and the benefits of orthopedic manual physical therapy together with client-centered, personalized exercise instruction. At OrthoSport, our focus is not only on the recovery from injury or disability, but also on helping those clients who desire to do so, to optimize their current athletic ability. OrthoSport strives to make an active, healthy lifestyle an achievable reality for anyone no matter their age, or ability level. We help people to achieve this while overcoming any pain or disability that may otherwise limit them. We also work very hard to ensure that the program you end up with meets the demands of your lifestyle. This means gearing the activities towards equipment and facilities that are readily available to you.

Exercises can be varied for performance in any location, ranging from the full gym experience, to the beach or swimming pool, to a nearby public park or fitness station, or even in your driveway at home. We pride ourselves on the ability to develop appropriately intense routines for any surroundings without compromising the desired results.


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Read What Our Patients Have To Say

  • Debbie M.

    Highly recommend this facility in Nui Valley shopping center with ample parking.…

  • Mike O.

    If you're looking for a weak PT with a short massage, stretching and light weight work, you are at the wrong place. This place has a different philosophy to actually strengthen your muscles and core so your problem area will heal.…

  • Raymond M.

    Absolutely the best PT and gym I have been to. Since starting with the outstanding trainers, I have not had any further injuries.…

  • Kristin L.

    Justin is my therapist at Ortho Sport and has worked tirelessly with me to strengthen surrounding muscles to help alleviate the pain I feel while walking, sitting and sleeping. I'm not a swimmer but the aqua therapy is amazing!…

  • Stella S.

    I am so grateful to Taylor for helping me get back to living a normal, pain-free life.…

  • Cathy C.

    I had worked with Mike Turner during this past summer and he is excellent! He is personable, extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, professional. His advice helped me to basically rid myself of plantar fasciitis and improve my overall fitness. …

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