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Aquatic Rehabilitation

Our salt water, indoor, pool is heated to 88 degrees, and it is the perfect way to treat injuries that will not allow normal weight bearing on the legs, or which respond better to the full body support offered by the water.

Back pain, and arthritis are two examples of problems that respond amazingly well to aquatic exercise.

Our hydraulic pool chair lift supports up to 300 pounds and makes getting into and out of the water effortless for anyone! Even if you don’t swim, our therapists will be able to accompany you into the pool, and design a program for you that allows you to remain at standing depth in the water.

The pool is another great rehabilitative tool that can be enjoyed by persons of all ages, from our very young pediatric population, up through our “forever young” active older adults!

Aquatic exercise, as utilized by many professional athletes, is an outstanding method to get an early start on recovery from athletic injuries or develop cross training techniques.

Injuries that would otherwise limit your weight-bearing ability can respond much faster earlier on with the inclusion of aquatic based exercises.

Come discover how good it can feel to be able to move around and exercise without the pain and stiffness you are accustomed to on land.

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