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"Thank you Jill D, for the referral. I really learned a lot from the running & fit lecture series. Knowledge is power. "
Mar 27, 2018
"I am so very grateful for Jill D for recommending OrthoSport to me. There strengthening program helped me reach my goals and prepared me for the Lava man triathlon. Thanks OrthoSport.... "
Mar 27, 2018
"I give Jill Dietmeyer at Nui Valley center 5+ stars for her expertise as a therapist. She was able to figure out what I needed to get to my goal to recovery from my injury. I am so grateful to her knowledge and not only did she help in my recovery she also got me back in shape. I thoroughly enjoy my PT sessions, thanks Jill for getting me moving better again, I really appreciate it. "
Mar 23, 2018
"Orthosport serves my fitness needs better than other gyms I have tried. The instructors are knowledgeable and work with individuals and classes. Annie (as well as the other instructors, moxies exercises as needed. I have also gained greatly from personal training with Alyssa. She challenges me to push harder to reach my goals!"
Mar 08, 2018
" As a physician who has been referring patients to physical therapists for over 30 years, I have never encountered a more knowledgeable and skilled group of physical therapists than those at Orthosport. I first became aware of Orthosport when I was referred to them by a physiatrist for a case of severe hip bursitis which had failed to respond to repeated steroid injections and physical therapy at another clinic. Following treatment at Orthosport, I went from being able to walk less than 100 yards without pain to walking up to 7 miles a day without any discomfort. I have since referred many patients to Orthosport with excellent results. "
Mar 03, 2018
"As a senior competitive athlete , I am sometimes burdened by nagging, painful muscle injuries. Mike Turner and his staff are always prepared to assist me in my recovery, so that I am quickly back on the field, in a pain-free condition. OrthoSport is the gold standard of Physical Therapy facilities."
Mar 03, 2018
"I've been going to OrthoSport in Niu Valley for the past 2 years. I really enjoy the Parkinson's boxing classes twice a week. Justin the instructor (physical therapist) has so much patience with all of us and makes the class very enjoyable. I look forward to attending the class as it has helped me with my balance. I've had Parkinson's for over nine years and due to the classes there, I'm able to walk well. Mickel the assistant to the physical therapist, is also very patient and caring. "
Feb 10, 2018
"Derek Chun did a great job helping me to rehab from meniscus surgery. He excelled at explaining why certain exercises would help and also what would help with the pain I was experiencing. His explanations of the knee anatomy and why I had certain pain really helped me. This was my third knee surgery and rehab, and it was definitely the best. I would absolutely recommend Derek!"
Jan 26, 2018
"Nick and Lisa are friendly, professional and work hard with me to sort out my torn rotator and tendinitis. They are present at all times during my PT sessions and monitor my progress diligently. I've also worked with Mike, Carly and Nico for personal training. Mike practices tough love, Carly is mindful and Nico brings a unique perspective to fitness training. All of them have made me more aware of form, safety, and my strengths. I would recommend any of them 100%!!!! "
Jan 23, 2018
"I have been going to physical therapy at Ortho sport Hawaii Niu valley location for over a year. I started therapy in a wheel chair and can now walk again. I would recommend Ortho sports Hawaii niu valley location to everyone I know. The best experience of my rehabilitation."
Jan 20, 2018
"My physical therapist Jill Dietmeyer is the BEST! She helped me recuperate and she taught me how to maintain my level of strength on my own. I highly recommend her to all my friends. Go Jill!!!"
Jan 18, 2018

"Their treatment style is not only backed by tremendous expertise, but geared toward optimizing the skills and abilities that I want to improve. The atmosphere is extremely motivating as well. I had fun every time I went."

-Dan, a competitive wheelchair tennis player

"Leaving competitive swimming because of a neck injury was one of the hardest things I have ever had to consider. After going through several doctors and hospital visits and an unsuccessful venture with other physical therapy I ended up with Mike at OrthoSport. He was personable and easy to talk to, and knew exactly what to look for after hearing my complaints. After only one week of treatment I noticed my pain cut in half, and after three months I was able to compete at the 2008 Maui High School state championships with personal best times in my swimming career. Not only did Mike help me heal my injuries, he helped me maintain my conditioning so that i could compete in time for the end of high school swim season. Thank you!"

-Larry, Senior student / swim team at Mililani High School

"The hardest thing for me was finding a good doctor and good therapist, and now I am finally somewhere that works for me. So pay attention, if you like!

My doctor is sending me to PT at this place called OrthoSport. I've had 2 sessions so far and it works really well for me. I think they get me, you know, the psycho middle-aged athlete wanna-be. My PT also talks directly with my doctor about my treatment which I think is a really good idea. My PT worked with me on exercises on the table and then he did a very good massage when he saw that I started cramping. Next session, he said he'd get me in the pool for exercises.

In any case, OrthoSport is on the ground floor of the building directly behind KFC in Niu Valley. It's not a huge or fancy facility but they do have two pools for aqua-therapy. If you're in the Hawaii Kai neighborhood or going to Costco, you should stop by and check it out."

-Miki, a competitive swimmer and recreational athlete

"The information, support and assistance provided in my rehabilitation has been outstanding and very much appreciated. Judy, David and the entire team have made all of our lives so much better. I am very appreciative of Judy's knowledge, expertise, positive energy and her patience with me. I sustained neurological damage due to the electrocution and this is one of the causes of my balance problems and other issues that exist. Unfortunately, the extent of my injuries, has resulted in being unable to do many of the normal things I used to do. During my recovery I have found that it is not uncommon for the medical and insurance industry to marginalize a person's injuries. It is really a breath of fresh air to see the compassion and humanity that Judy, and the entire OrthoSport team provide. Thank you for all you have done for myself and for other people in similar situations."

-Dan, a very appreciative nuerologically injured client

"I am doing well with my knee and continue to perform my home exercises. Everyday I feel improvement in mobility and strength, but I couldn't have done it without you all. Although I sometimes felt like I was facing an impossible task following my surgery, your encouragement and guidance made all the difference. You kept me motivated and moving in the right direction. Mahalo for all your assistance!"

-John, a local recreational athlete following Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction surgery

"I just wanted to thank you for your help! I am proud to say that I just finished the NY Marathon with no pain in my knees or my low back."

-Chris, long time runner / marathoner with a history of chronic knee and back pain

"Thanks for getting me back on the road! I thought I was washed up with this knee injury, but I have been doing my running drills and pool exercises and I'm very happy with the results. Last Thursday I ran 5 miles with no pain at all. Saturday, I ran 9 miles with no pain and even got a bit of speed on...Sunday (I know, you said I'd likely push it...) I intended to run short with my group but ended up feeling great the whole way and did 9 miles again without a problem. I was ready to stop anytime if I felt the slightest twinge but none ever came, and I was not sore or tired the following days either! You are the best for sure."

-Steve, long time runner / marathoner with 4+ months of knee pain that was unresponsive to other treatment and running methods tried

"I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for helping me last year. I started training with you after a back injury and you really helped me get back to surfing! You also helped me a ton with my running form and got me into a more "healthy" strength training program. When I started with you a 3 mile run was pretty difficult for me. I can run 6 or 7 miles at a good pace before breakfast now without too much effort...

I am living, working, and surfing in Cabo San Lucas for the rest of the year and have traveled all over the place the past year surfing. My back still hurts every so often but using the training techniques you taught me I'm able to stay one step ahead of it...

So thanks again! You have helped me more than you know! You have done so much for my fitness and health and I am just so thankful and grateful for your help. I'm attaching a pic of me surfing in Peru from a couple months ago, healthy back absorbing the twist and impact just fine."

-Eric, runner, surfer, and fitness enthusiast