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OrthoSport Hawaii T-Shirt Challenge

Announcing OrthoSport Hawaii’s T-shirt Challenge!

We love how awesome our patients and clients are and we really want to show you off! Wear any OrthoSport Hawaii T-shirt or other logo-wear while doing something picture-worthy and submit your photo on our website at this link:

OrthoSport Submit Page

Your photo will be posted on our Facebook page and you will be entered into a drawing for cool prizes like a 30 min massage, gift cards and more. You should receive an email to confirm your submission and then look for your photo on our page. You can wear your “graduation” t-shirt, or buy some swag at the Medical Gym in an assortment of styles and colors.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page so please Like our page to keep up to date.

Mahalo for your support!

The OrthoSport Hawaii Physical Therapy Experience

Our guest author for this post is one of our favorite patients and medical gym members, WENDY PUNG!  She offers her own experiences and advice for anyone who may benefit from physical therapy and medical fitness to improve their movement, strength, functional mobility, and to decrease or eliminate pain. Thanks Wendy! 


By Wendy Pung

So you’ve seen your doctor for that nagging pain or you’ve just had surgery and you’ve been given a prescription for physical therapy (PT). This is your first experience with PT and you have no idea what it is, what to expect, and probably most important of all—am I going to hurt even MORE? Just to let you know, the person who is writing this piece to try to allay your fears about PT is not a physical therapist or any other person working in the medical profession. If OrthoSport Hawaii were an airline, I would be called a “frequent flyer” as I have been sent to PT for nagging pains and post-surgery rehab too many times to count! And these many treatments have nothing to do with anything that the Physical Therapists have done or not done; I just have a lot of physical problems. What is PT anyway?

Woman laughing in aquatic therapy pool

To put it simply, physical therapy is a medical treatment to help decrease your pain and stiffness and improve your motion, strength, and overall functional mobility. The therapists do this using a variety of techniques such as exercises, pool therapy, ice, soft tissue and joint mobilization, to name a few.

You may need a prescription from an MD for PT, it depends on your insurance. You can call OrthoSport Hawaii to find out if you’re not sure. In any case, before arriving at your first appointment, you should find out:  what to wear, whether your medical insurance requires a co-payment for each appointment, what documents you need to bring with you (e.g. a list of medications and hospitalizations, insurance and ID cards, etc.) and the clinic’s cancellation or no-show policy.

When you arrive at your first appointment you will be given a set of forms to fill out and sign. These are no different than the forms that your doctor would give you at a first appointment. The most important form would be the one that asks you to describe the problem that brought you to the clinic to be treated by the therapist. Providing details of your pain, limitations, and the goals you would wish to achieve after PT is completed is crucial at this point so don’t be afraid to lay it all out.

You will then start your appointment with the physical therapist. He or she will start the evaluation by asking questions and assessing your overall condition, by taking measurements and testing your strength, range of motion, flexibility, and balance among other parameters. Remember that if you are having any concerns during this procedure, speak up! I have been treated by MANY therapists and none (so far) has bitten, and all have been very understanding. They are always more than helpful, answering my questions with impressive knowledge of the complexities of the human body and how it works.

Your physical therapist will then devise a plan that is just for you, to get you back to moving and feeling better than when you first arrived, using the techniques mentioned above. If you are given exercises to do in the clinic and “homework,” be sure to do them as directed so that you can achieve the best outcome from the therapy. But if anything that is prescribed gives you more pain or any other new symptoms, be sure to tell the therapist. He or she can then modify your treatment—PT can be hard work sometimes but it shouldn’t make you feel worse so talk to him or her!

Besides the channel of communication between you and your therapist, there is also one between the therapist and your doctor. Your doctor will be sent reports on your progress with PT and if additional treatment is required to get you to your goal, they will coordinate that with your therapist so they’ve got you covered! All you have  to concentrate on is going to your appointments, doing what is being asked of you at the clinic and at home, and you will receive the best outcome from PT! Good luck!

New Year, New Ideas

OrthoSport Entrance Sign

Aloha! It’s February and the year 2019 (the Earth Pig) is well underway. When the year is new, many people like to begin projects, self-reflect, clear clutter, and start off on a new foot. Here at OrthoSport Hawaii, we’ve decided to commit to improved communication with our clients, patients, customers, and referral sources, as well as the general public, to promote health, mobility, function, and fitness on Oahu. In addition to these regular posts on our website, you will be seeing more interesting content on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We will be running contests and challenges, offering fun prizes, and encouraging more interaction from you – our favorite people!

One of the many things that makes OrthoSport unique is our Medical Gym. Did you know that we used to call it the “MOG” which stood for “Medically Oriented Gym?” You may still hear some of our long-term (notice I didn’t say “older” 😉) members referring to the MOG, but we dropped that moniker in favor of something a little less, well, odd-sounding. Whether it be a MOG, a MedGym, a Medical Gym or just a great place to focus on health and fitness, doesn’t really matter though because what does matter is the care and treatment our members receive; which starts when they begin their initial orientations.

Unlike big franchise gyms, YMCAs, and even the exclusive fitness clubs on the island, the OrthoSport Medical Gym focuses on providing a variety of health and fitness services to individuals of all ages, abilities, health conditions, and fitness levels. We meet our customers right where they are. Today. Our complimentary, no-obligation fitness orientation helps you assess where you are in terms of your health, physical fitness, diet, and overall well-being. Based on that, we recommend services tailored to your budget, needs, and goals.

For example, a typical member of our Medical Gym may have completed physical therapy for a knee injury but doesn’t yet feel ready to return to his or her favorite sport, let’s say tennis. I know tennis players will do just about anything to keep playing! This member may work 1 on 1 with a personal trainer to regain their strength and agility, but with the confidence that comes from knowing our trainers are educated and equipped to professionally challenge their clients without causing re-injury.

Another member may be struggling with balance due to age or illness. A balance screening can assess whether he or she should pursue physical therapy first, or if our Balance and Bones group class might be a good fit. In addition, a nutritional consult with our Registered Dietitian may help address feelings of light-headedness, dizziness, and so on.

And of course, we have many members who literally adore our heated therapy pool. Some people will join the gym solely to use the pool to continue their aquatic therapy program or for pain relief and relaxation.

Whether you are a past or current physical therapy patient, a Medical Gym member, or someone interested in improving the quality of their life, OrthoSport Hawaii is here to serve your needs. We are always happy to chat with you about your health concerns and goals. We have physical therapists and Medical Gym trainers waiting to meet with you, so what are you waiting for?

For information on Physical Therapy call: (808) 373-3555.

For Medical Gym services call (808) 373-1114.

Contact us via our web page.