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"Simply, I have the highest praise for OrthoSport and their physical therapists. Specifically, and really the bottom line, Jill Dietmeyer's knowledge of physiology and physical therapy have been instrumental and key for helping me during my recovery. She assessed my condition and built training sessions which incrementally advanced to properly work toward recovery and preventive measures to avoid further injury. When you're injured it's not just the injury that impacts your life. OrthoSport staff at both venues, Niu Valley and Downtown, are extremely professional, friendly, and understanding. Knowing that injuries can add additional stress they pleasantly work with your schedule. Unfortunately, part of the weekend warrior lifestyle includes occasional physical therapy treatment, it is without a doubt I've found OrthoSport to have the most knowledgeable and professional staff."
Mar 14, 2020
"Therapists (jill and Albie) were very attentive, thorough, and friendly. Provided great in-clinic hands-on treatment, and also a good exercise regiment. Physical problem was fully alleviated! Convenient downtown location saved me wasted travel time. Highly recommend!"
Jan 07, 2020
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"I just finished my first run after taking the OrthoSport run clinic. The results? I cut my 6.4 mile pace from 8:51 to 8:06, raised my average heart rate from 147 to 158, and cadence from 154 to 163. That’s amazing! That my heart rate became the limiting factor means (to me) that my muscles and joints are under less stress, which means I’m less likely to injure myself, which is my main goal. That I’m faster is pretty cool too."
Sep 12, 2019
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May 28, 2019
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"Went to see Nick at OrthoSport for physical therapy following arthroscopic surgery for a labral tear in my hip. I had the same surgery on my other hip 4 years prior and this time around the recovery was much smoother and faster and I attribute that to Nick. I was able to get back to running and working out much quicker this time around. He was very knowledgeable, easy going, answered all my questions, and addressed my concerns. I would highly recommend him as a physical therapist. While I hope to never have to do physical therapy again, if I do need it in the future I will definitely seek out Nick and OrthoSport. In addition, Nina the receptionist was awesome."
Mar 26, 2019
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"Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff; I've been going to physical therapists most of my life due to the unfortunate combination of being very physically active and being very injury-prone. Never have I been shown such a level of professionalism and knowledge-of-craft, and the staff here have helped me exceed my expectations for recovering from a devastating shoulder injury/surgery. The tools at their disposal are legion, as they have access to an entire gym full of all kinds of exotic equipment to aid in recovery from what seems like any imaginable malady. Plus, what other PT office has a pool and a hot tub for aqua-therapy!? Highly recommended."
Mar 09, 2018
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"I love Orthosport! I saw Nick at the downtown location for physical therapy when I was experiencing jaw and neck pain. Nick is very knowledgeable and a great physical therapist. I loved having the one on one care without having to share my treatment in a group setting. His treatment focused on manual therapy to relieve muscle tension and pain , as well as stretches and exercises to help me improve strength and function."
Mar 07, 2018
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"Had the Run Fit Evalution done. Best two hours spent ever. The feedback and insights into where I’m weak and what I need to improve has been invaluable. Mike Turner really broke down exactly what I was doing right, the areas that I needed help, and what I can do to strengthen those areas. Wish I’d done this years ago. I will definitely be back for a checkup to make sure I’m staying in track."
Mar 04, 2018
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Feb 22, 2018
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"Nick Bronowski and Lisa Scroggins of OrthoSport Hawaii downtown clinic are the best physical therapists ever! I tore my rotator cuff & I could hardly move my arm because of pain and stiffness. My doctor referred me to OrthoSport downtown since I work in town. After a couple of months of physical therapy I’m almost back to normal and I no longer have any pain; which means I don’t need surgery. Nick and Lisa are patient, encouraging, friendly, understanding, and very knowledgeable in their field. If you need a physical therapist, I highly recommend OrthoSport Hawaii. I love these guys & I know you’ll love them too!"
Feb 21, 2018
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