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Announcing SurFit!

Athletic guy surfingWhat is it?

  • Land-based exercises to improve  balance, mobility, and strength to help you surf longer, better, and pain free!
  • To improve your surfing and prevent injuries by gaining mobility and strength to meet the high physical demands of surfing. This land-based routine will directly carry over to the ocean.
  • Surfers  of all ability levels who would like to improve their balance, flexibility, and strength to improve their surfing while preventing future musculoskeletal injuries.
The Program:
  • Covers paddling, the pop up, wave riding,  and is tailored to your style of surfing and type of board.
  • Focuses on better board control via balance, flexibility, and strengthening the specific muscles most recruited while surfing.
  • Corrects any muscular imbalances and prevents common injuries usually affecting the spine and shoulders.
Sydney T  
Your Instructor: 

Sydney Thompson is Certified Personal Trainer and Medical Fitness Trainer at OrthoSport Hawaii. She received her B.S. in Exercise Science at Eastern Washington University.  When asked why she decided to start SurFit she replied, “After seeing the same injuries commonly occur, I wanted to study the biomechanics of surfing to help surfers’ longevity within the sport.”


Our beautiful Downtown clinic is conveniently located in the Topa Financial Building at the corner of Bishop St and Nimitz Hwy across from Aloha Tower. We offer free 90 min validated parking in the building garage. 

Thumbs up on surfboardWant to learn more?  Call 808.599.5500 to schedule a free  (30-60 min) SurFit orientation session with Sydney. She is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Check out our YouTube channel for free SurFit videos!

New Year, New Ideas

OrthoSport Entrance Sign Aloha! It’s February and the year 2019 (the Earth Pig) is well underway. When the year is new, many people like to begin projects, self-reflect, clear clutter, and start off on a new foot. Here at OrthoSport Hawaii, we’ve decided to commit to improved communication with our clients, patients, customers, and referral sources, as well as the general public, to promote health, mobility, function, and fitness on Oahu. In addition to these regular posts on our website, you will be seeing more interesting content on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We will be running contests and challenges, offering fun prizes, and encouraging more interaction from you – our favorite people!

One of the many things that makes OrthoSport unique is our Medical Fitness center. Did you know that we used to call it the “MOG” which stood for “Medically Oriented Gym?” You may still hear some of our long-term (notice I didn’t say “older” 😉) members referring to the MOG, but we dropped that moniker in favor of something a little less, well, odd-sounding. Whether it be a MOG, a Medical Fitness center or just a great place to focus on health and fitness, doesn’t really matter though because what does matter is the care and treatment our members receive; which starts when they begin their initial orientations. Unlike big franchise gyms, YMCAs, and even the exclusive fitness clubs on the island, the OrthoSport Medical Fitness center focuses on providing a variety of health and fitness services to individuals of all ages, abilities, health conditions, and fitness levels. We meet our customers right where they are. Today. Our complimentary, no-obligation fitness orientation helps you assess where you are in terms of your health, physical fitness, diet, and overall well-being. Based on that, we recommend services tailored to your budget, needs, and goals.

For example, a typical member of our Medical Fitness program may have completed physical therapy for a knee injury but doesn’t yet feel ready to return to his or her favorite sport, let’s say tennis. I know tennis players will do just about anything to keep playing! This member may work 1 on 1 with a personal trainer to regain their strength and agility, but with the confidence that comes from knowing our trainers are educated and equipped to professionally challenge their clients without causing re-injury.

Another member may be struggling with balance due to age or illness. A balance screening can assess whether he or she should pursue physical therapy first, or if our Balance and Bones group class might be a good fit. In addition, a nutritional consult with our Registered Dietitian may help address feelings of light-headedness, dizziness, and so on. And of course, we have many members who literally adore our heated therapy pool. Some people will join the gym solely to use the pool to continue their aquatic therapy program or for pain relief and relaxation.

Whether you are a past or current physical therapy patient, a Medical Fitness member, or someone interested in improving the quality of their life, OrthoSport Hawaii is here to serve your needs. We are always happy to chat with you about your health concerns and goals. We have physical therapists and Medical Fitness trainers waiting to meet with you, so what are you waiting for?

For information on Physical Therapy call: (808) 373-3555.

For Medical Fitness services call (808) 373-1114. Contact us via our web page.
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